Q:  What is the rental policy?

A:  Residences may be rented for a minimum of 90 days, with the restriction that a residence may only be rented twice per calendar year.

Q:  How much are my assessments to the Homeowners Association for my unit and when are they due?

A:  Assessments for the Homeowners Association are $143.66 and are due monthly.

Q:  What is the pet policy?

A:  A maximum of two, in the aggregate, domestic dogs, cats or other conventional household pets per residence are allowed, provided that they are not bred or maintained for any commercial purpose, and no aggressive breed dogs are permitted.

Q:  What does the Homeowners Association assessment cover?

A:  The Association assessments cover common area costs associated with general liability insurance, landscaping maintenance and common area utility expenses.

Q:  What is the parking policy?

A:  Each residence will be provided two parking spaces in their garage.  Additional guest parking may be available.

Q:  What financing options are available?

A:  Stevenson Creek Townhomes are fee simple ownership, which means each homeowner owns the land under their homes.  As a result, financing is more straight forward than a condominium.  Although your purchase contract does not allow for a financing contingency, we have identified two lenders, American Momentum Bank and Regions Bank to assist with financing options.  Ask our sales associate for more details.